Vitiligo is a skin disorder due to the malfunctioning of melanocyte cells that produces melanin cells to maintain the color of the skin. In case of this melanin cells destroyed by it’s own cells white patches will start appearing on the skin. This may be caused by the Autoimmune system will lead towards de-pigmentation as initially discussed. There are about between 1% and 2% of the world population has been suffering from Vitiligo.

During the year 1985, National Vitiligo Foundation. Inc., was formed to provide information, treatments and other relevant details to support those people suffering from Vitiligo. In the year 1990, the first treatment through laser was carried out to reverse de-pigmentation of cell into a normal processing cell. A common type of disease in Vitiligo is Vitiligo Vulgari that can be affected on eyes, hair, knees, elbows, Kneels, hands and groin.

Needling is one of the new method that applies directly on the edges of white patches to stimulate the cells with a fine point. This may take months to regain the color of skins into a normal condition. However, both methods applied jointly may result in a lesser period of time. It is important to consult with the medical profession as they could advise correctly. In most of the cases blood test is necessary to review any possibilities of disease other than vilitigo prior to the starting of treatment. Nutrition and balance diet is part of recovering loss of cells. This may be helpful for re-pigmentation of melanocyte cells.

A new treatment is being developed by a method of Non-culture normal melanocyte cells into a test tube then transplanting into an affected area of white spots. This will follow by an application of laser on the transplanted area to stimulate the cells. After a period of time the skin will return into a normal condition. This treatment is good for those suffering from the following diseases: Psoriasis, Alopecia Areata, Arthritis, Dermatitis, loss of pigmentation excluding lupus.

There are ointments uses as topical treatment on the vitiligo affected areas. Several ointments with medication and mask or cover up the white patches into a normal color condition work out for a short course of time while attending occasions or parties. It is also important to note that an old history of white patches should avoid sun burn to protect from skin cancer. Therefore, applications of sunscreen, sunbloc and other necessary ointments could also be taken advised by the medical profession.


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