How To Cure Vitiligo?

how to cure Vitiligo ? has open different views by renown Scientist, Homeopathic consultants, Medical Professions, etc and the bottom line is to follow the prescriptions strictly laid down by the respective products' manufacturer. Even then one can not be given any surety that this skin disorder is 100 % curable.

Some of the Ayurvedic Physicians recomended that by using surgical knife or syringe to leech at the affected white patches area of the skin known to be part of therapy.

To Diagnose Vitiligo is a long term treatment may take 3 to 4 months and the period of treatment varies patient to patient basis some may take earlier and some may take longer depending the construction skin layers.

The controls and maintenance of skin color is being maintained by the melanocyte cells. These cell functions are based upon the exposures of sun rays and they increases when the direct exposures of sun rays remain continiously and decreases when in normal condition. The research confirm that there are many reasons causing dysfuntional of melanocyte cells either psychological reactions, stress, imbalance diets, direct exposure of sun rays, etc. When these melanocyte cells disturbed or malfunctioning occur white patches on the skin appeared and they are name as Vitiligo/Leucoderma white skin. The treatment also need to over see the history of the respective patient so as to treat effectively.

Turmeric treatment

There are many herbal treatments available for the curing of Vitiligo. Turmeric application on the affected area is one of the known oldest treatment and they are still using for local application even today. The turmeric is blended into a water heated then mix mustard oil as per the requirement for application on the affected white patches area.

Babchi treatment

Babchi is a herbal seed. This is one of the most renown and mostly applied by all common effected people all over the world. The Herbalist research stated that excessive use is not good for application on the human skin. They have limited potency and to apply them within the period of time by messaging on the affected area to absolve into the skin and the exposure of sun rays does require for some time. But we have noticed that not every one is cured by oral or local application treatment.

To conclude this subject, you can manage vitiligo spots through our product vitiligo herbal Oil. We have noticed in many cases that once the vitiligo is disappear the depigmentation of cell has never occured again.You can try.